I attended the Game Board Geek Gaming Convention over Memorial Day Weekend and had a terrific time.  Board Game Geek is the definitive website that rates thousands of board, card, RPG, and computer games.  They are the definitive site if you are thinking of purchasing a game and need to […]

Game Board Geek Gaming Convention

I met this expert in hot glass work in Springfield, MO.  His glass work requires a mini foundry to produce the glass melting.  It is rather dangerous work but quite rewarding.  I still remember being told “I only got a third degree burn once in my life.”  Ouch.  Needless to […]

Hot Glass Work

Welcome to Jesse’s BBS. This is the beginning of an exciting endeavor to prayerfully post enlightening blogs on things that I am impassioned about!  I started this back in 1990 before the internet when bulletin board systems were the standard.  Many of you may not know what a bulletin board […]

Welcome to Jesse’s BBS!