History Jesse’s BBS

Welcome to Jesse’s BBS.  I created this website to dedicate to my old BBS I ran back in 1990-92 before there was any internet and when people had to call into computers using modems to dial long distance.  I ran the BBS from Brookline, MA and it had many features like subscription to RIME (relay international message exchange), over 32 SIGS (special interest groups like “Cooking Fun, Amiga (remember that old system), etc.), DOORS to play games like Supper Guppies, Bay Street Bulls, Trade Wars, Modern Warfare, etc.

Also featured were many user designed scenarios for many of the old DOS games like Omnitrend’s BREACH, Paladin, etc.

Use of the BBS was free and only required you to maintain an upload to download ratio of 1:8.  We received many useful user designed spreadsheets and programs.

I hope to recreate the magic of the BBS and usher in the new age of high speed internet.  For those who remember the BBS “Welcome back!”  For those who are new to this – Welcome!!!

Please click on red link below to view my newsletter I put out back in 1991.

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