Here is yours truly interviewed by Tim Ryan on the Fox 4 Morning Show. This is my first time on LIVE TV so was a bit nervous. Enjoy!

Interview TV Fox 4 Morning Show

Here is the link to memories from my childhood with my life long friend Kevin.  We have stayed in contact as friends since High School.  He is my only friend who actually knew both my parents when they were still alive.

Memories of my personal life with my good friend Kevin!

I visited the Dallas Cowboys HQ in Frisco, TXon Dec. 15, 2018.  They have won 5 Super Bowls and so I thought I’d take a picture of myself in front of the Display case.  I also saw this video slide in the Dallas Cowboys locker room and it inspired me […]

Visit to Dallas Cowboys Football Team HQ

I attended the Game Board Geek Gaming Convention over Memorial Day Weekend and had a terrific time.  Board Game Geek is the definitive website that rates thousands of board, card, RPG, and computer games.  They are the definitive site if you are thinking of purchasing a game and need to […]

Game Board Geek Gaming Convention

I met this expert in hot glass work in Springfield, MO.  His glass work requires a mini foundry to produce the glass melting.  It is rather dangerous work but quite rewarding.  I still remember being told “I only got a third degree burn once in my life.”  Ouch.  Needless to […]

Hot Glass Work

Here is an article I wrote for Het Duvelsei which was the Gaming Newsletter of the Leiden University Gaming Club when I visited them in Holland.  Click on the link below to enlarge image.  Enjoy.

Jess Great Adventure

Welcome to Jesse’s BBS. This is the beginning of an exciting endeavor to prayerfully post enlightening blogs on things that I am impassioned about!  I started this back in 1990 before the internet when bulletin board systems were the standard.  Many of you may not know what a bulletin board […]

Welcome to Jesse’s BBS!