Welcome to Jesse’s BBS!

Welcome to Jesse’s BBS. This is the beginning of an exciting endeavor to prayerfully post enlightening blogs on things that I am impassioned about!  I started this back in 1990 before the internet when bulletin board systems were the standard.  Many of you may not know what a bulletin board system is.  Simply put it is a computer that is hooked to a telephone line so people can dial in from their computers to talk and use your computer.  So for the price of a telephone call (sometimes long distance) you can have access of a large computer.  Back in the old days it was a 386 IBM clone system.  Oh how far we have come.  My Nokia Lumina Windows phone is more powerful than a 386 clone now.

Please feel free to look around and if you share some of my interests please feel free to blog on my site.  I hope to post new information on all my interests and follow my mission statement of many years past:  “To Serve the World and Beyond!”